Man throws hard drive with bitcoins

man throws hard drive with bitcoins

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The search for a bitcoin hard drive worth $350 million lost in a landfill
James Howells, a computer engineer, proposes using robot dogs and a metal arm to recover a hard drive that he lost in James Howells is known as the man who accidentally threw away 8, bitcoins. Now he has an $11 million master plan to get them back. A. A computer engineer who accidentally threw away a hard drive containing approximately ?m worth of bitcoin plans to use artificial.
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James Howells is known as the man who accidentally threw away 8, bitcoins. After this huge investment on your part, will you settle for less than a third of the money? And the robot dogs, which will also be equipped with an AI system, can help us scan the buckets even before the arm lifts them in the air. Etiquette experts share the faux pas to avoid while you're at another person's home. The IT systems engineer has spent a decade trying to convince Newport City Council to help him search for the device that was accidentally thrown away in , but it has repeatedly refused to allow him access to the site.