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PARAGRAPHLast week, an addictive new app launched to fuel our.

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hot to be sulfur). Sulfur dioxide is the primary constituent of a thin atmosphere on Io. It has no water to speak of, unlike the other, colder Galilean. Unlike Earth and the Moon, Io's main source of internal heat comes from tidal dissipation rather than radioactive isotope decay, the result of Io's orbital. Tidal heating of Io occurs through the tidal friction processes between Jupiter and its moon. Orbital and rotational energy are dissipated as heat in the.
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So, very alien moon, but remarkably similar magmatic processes. Slightly larger than Earth 's moon , Io is the fourth-largest moon in the Solar System , has the highest density of any moon, the strongest surface gravity of any moon, and the lowest amount of water by atomic ratio of any known astronomical object in the Solar System. Marius's names were not widely adopted until centuries later midth century. Archived from the original on 29 June Only a handful of mountains on Io appear to have a volcanic origin.